Kerry O’Neal – Oregon Real Estate Principal Broker

When the market is in a major correction, few people’s advice is more sought after than Kerry O’Neal’s. Originally hailing from Houston, Texas, Kerry has spent the last 14 years actively making his living from the Central Oregon real estate market. A licensed Oregon Principal Broker with over 18 years in real estate brokerage, Kerry has played the role of broker, builder, developer, consultant, and confidant for the largest names in Oregon real estate. A gifted public speaker who has given national presentations on subjects from marketing strategies to technology integration, Kerry’s more recent focus has been helping banks, businesses, and individuals find their way through this ever-changing economy.

Kerry is continually sought by people with properties that seem “market resistant.” A recent banking client was impressed as Kerry sold two residential properties at prices 22% and 26% above the bank’s recent appraisals in the declining market. In another recent transaction, Kerry awed a couple who had become frustrated while waiting months for banking short-sale approvals by getting their offer approved within 48 hours of acceptance. This set what we believe to be a world record in banking short-sale approvals.

In 2009, Kerry became best known as the broker that brought Facebook to Central Oregon. Over the course of 18-months, he worked with EDCO, the City of Prineville, Crook County, and Aspen Ville, LLC, to broker what we now believe to be the largest single-entity private investment in Central Oregon. The $200,000,000 Facebook datacenter facility is quickly changing what was otherwise a very bleak outlook for the economy of Prineville, Oregon.