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Martha Hendrick sponsors Shred It Live

As a fundraiser for the Bloom Project, Martha Hendrick has sponsored the Shred it Live secure document disposal event to be held this weekend at the Cascade Village Shopping Mall. This is the 2nd annual event. Come down and have your sensitive documents destroyed for only $5 per box. Read more at  


One of Shevlin Commons most recognizable designs is now not the market. PIQUE’s Strauchaus sits in the desert terrain along NW Squirreltail Loop in Bend’s most desirable modern neighborhood. See pricing and all the photos at

Exurbia Is the Growing Trend

It seems that as the economy continues to improve, many folks are heading out of the suburbs for more space farther out. Exurbia is the new buzzword in relocation, and, surprisingly, it’s the Millennials that are leading the charge. Interest in agriculture, lifestyle, and land have combined with remote working opportunities to allow the newest buying generation to […]

Parkway Ducks

Many of you have heard me say that I moved to Central Oregon for rivers and mountains, but I continue to stay because of the people. This morning I was just thinking back to a day last Spring when, on the parkway home, I almost crashed into the car in front of me. They had […]